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“A call for a nuanced view of religious leaders”

Timothy Kincaid makes a great point in his January 4 posting about homosexuality and religious leaders. Entitled, “A call for a nuanced view of religious leaders,” Kincaid’s post highlights the unequal standard to which the homosexual community holds religious leaders.

He says:

Some ministers are fully supportive of political equality, but believe sexual engagement between anyone other than a heterosexually married couple is sinful. Other may be less quick to assign the “sinner” label, but are not comfortable with treating same-sex couples equally in society. Some accept same-sex attraction in their parishioners in the same way they might accept a physical impairment, not necessarily the ideal but also not soul-threatening. Many have never given it much thought at all, believing that homosexuals are like alcoholics or gamblers or those folk who stay home on Sunday so they have no relevance to the church.

Sadly, our community too often has only one description for any of the above: anti-gay.

But this is unfair to them and foolish of us. We can be, at times, too quick to denounce and drive away some who could in the future – or currently on some issues – be incredibly valuable allies if we only would let them.

Good for Kincaid! It is important to remember that a religious leader’s opposition to gay marriage doesn’t mean that they are necessarily anti-gay.

I have an entire philosophy on the gay marriage argument which most people would find surprising, but I will expound on that at another time.

Until then, you can read Kincaid’s full post here.

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