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Five Years and No Progress after the Sudan CPA

Tomorrow we celebrate the fifth anniversary of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) brought an end to the civil war in Sudan.

The importance of the CPA cannot be overstated, both for the North-South conflict and for Darfur. Too few people understand the role that the CPA plays in ending the Darfur conflict.

The Darfur conflict provided a perfectly planned diversion by President Omar al-Bashir to take the international community’s attention off the CPA.

Why? Because President Bashir has too much to lose if he does.

A full implementation of the CPA, which means a full implementation of democracy throughout Sudan, threatens the hold Bashir has on the nation. He is fully aware of this, and has done all he can to hold up the implementation of the CPA in order to maintain his stranglehold on the country.

The international community must unite behind full implementation, must support the south in its efforts to reconcile with the north without pushing for secession, and must guarantee full and fair elections in April. The international community must also ensure a demarcation of the Abyei Area and the North-South border.

Too little of the CPA has been implemented by this time in the process to resemble any kind of success. Without the previous steps, there will no real resolution to the conflict and Sudan will once again be thrust into war.

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