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“That’s What You’re Worried About?”: Balkan Security Has Global Impact; Serbs Not Always to Blame

Rarely do I post messages from friends on the blog, but I just had to share this one from a close friend. Sometimes, our national security perspectives are a little out of whack:

So… let’s review:

– Evidence continues to mount (and the investigation, now led by the EU) that KLA soldiers kidnapped Serbs, transported them to Albania, killed them and harvested their organs;

– A village in Bosnia, living in total isolation, was raided by Bosnian police (after ignoring pleas by Serbs, and acquiescing only after the AP wires carried it)… why significant? This was a community of Wahhabis… that have imposed Sharia law and isolated themselves. Heavily weaponised storehouses were found;

– The current president of Croatia gives an interview citing how he planned on an invasion of Bosnia (more specifically, the Republika Srpska), and how the RS should be erased. He then followed up by reiterating the same.

Interestingly enough… the story that makes headlines and gets the US to say anything is a referendum scheduled by the Republika Srpska. (eg. Lieberman decides to chime in… whatever, dude…)

THAT’S WHAT YOU’RE WORRIED ABOUT? For the love of everything holy…

The situation in the Balkans is even more tenuous than when the Dayton Accords were formed. Tensions continue to rise, as my friend comments in his message, with little to no attention to the either the details of these tensions or their root causes.

Serbs and Serbia still get a bad rap in Washington. Despite the revolution that overthrew Slobodan Milošević and the significant shifts that have taken place in the Serbian political, military and cultural landscapes, Serbia and Serbs cannot escape the public relations stigma that came with the Milošević nightmare.

Serbia may not have an innocent history, but all problems that exist in the Balkans are not caused by Serbs or Serbia.

The United States has a unique responsibility and commitment to the Balkans. And with that responsibility comes the duty to assist in the stabilization of the entire region. It is fundamental that stability and security in the region be maintained vigilantly because security in the Balkans directly affects security in Europe and America.

Perhaps the time has come to review the Dayton Accords and measure their effectiveness to see if another round may be necessary…

  1. Fadi
    February 12, 2010 at 9:05 pm

    Gotta love the “join me in hating the others because they’re evil” scheme, practiced loudly here and throughout the peaceful(!!) nation of Serbia. Kidnapping soldiers and harvesting their organs, eh!? Sounds a lot like when the Europeans and Germans used to propaganda against the Jews because they kidnapped children and drank their blood! Evidence is mounting, I see…ooooh, I better run and get me a big gun to shoot me some Muslims. Oh those radicals, kidnapping good ol God loving Christian soldiers and committing unholy things to them. If I recall from reading the facts and all about the massacres of the 90s, Serbians were and continue to be armed to the teeth and have the upper hand. I would hardly depict Serbian soldiers as innocent bystanders being kidnapped. Just read the UN’s investigations in the numerous massacres of innocent kids and women of “the other side” just because they were Muslim. If there was ever any evidence mounting, it was the recovered pits full of Bosnian bodes after Serbs had their way with entire Muslim communities and villages. Comments like this above only serve to incite ignorance and we know there’s plenty of it out there. So you just might want to be bit more careful and really check the facts before you post stuff, just because it is anti Muslim.

    • February 12, 2010 at 9:13 pm

      Well, since it’s late, I’ll do away with the diplomacy and just be honest: only an idiot would think I would post something because it was anti-Muslim. Anyone who has ever paid attention to me, my writings, or my work would know that I stand up for Muslims when few others will, especially in Europe. Further, no one depicted Serb soldiers as innocent bystanders. Had you actually read the posting rather than skim and make a statement, you would see that I was clearly condemning the actions of the Serbs under Milosevic.

      I appreciate your comments, but hope that next time you’ll think before you write.

    • dushan
      February 12, 2010 at 9:55 pm

      Joe nailed it in his reply. Serbs were no angels in the wars of Yugoslav succession. That is a simple fact. However, the Serbs were by no means the sole perpetrators of crimes, nor are they collectively as a people to be blamed for everything that happened in the 90’s.

      By the way, you seem to enjoy just skimming. Read the articles posted about the organ harvesting. KLA soldiers kidnapped Serb civilians, not Serb soldiers.

      “So you just might want to be bit more careful and really check the facts before you post stuff”

      All it takes is some time… time to read articles, interviews and books by those who were there. The real picture of what went on before, during and after quickly emerges. It is horrific, and it is eye opening.

      Try it.

    • Bianca
      February 13, 2010 at 12:36 am

      I see from your comment that you do not know much about Balkans. This is not about faith, but about criminal gangs. The organ harvesting was PROVEN by the former Hague Prosecutor, Del Ponte. However, she was blocked from pursuing prosecution. In revenge, she published the book where she detailed the location, what was found, as well as the testimony of a number of journalists.
      This is nothing new there. Kosovo Albanian gangs have overtaken Mafia in Italy, and even in New York. The horrible truth is that this has been going on for a long time. And is going on still. The huge human trafficking trade is the source of victims. Most of the time, victims think they are going to get a job. They end up in the West or “New”Europe’s prostitution rings. If they are lucky. Those that are deemed unreliable or just get sick, end up being chopped up for organs. For as long as the human trafficking is not taken seriously, these criminals have it easy. Nowdays, border between Kosovo and Albania is wide open, making it easy to ship people accross NATO territory. From Ukraine, through Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania. As NATO took over, the local law enforcement and military became disfunctional, and criminal gangs are the real governments. It is as bad, if not worse, then the Star Wars dusty outposts of the empire where scum only operates. Do not ridicule. It is bloody real.

  2. Blackbird
    February 12, 2010 at 11:35 pm

    Every supposedly “fair to Serbs” commentary seems to have to have the obligatory Milosevic put downs to get out of the way first, including yours, Joe. And Dushan has to start with “Serbs were no angels.” What will happen if you leave that out of your statements? Will the heavens open up and wrath reign down upon you? Slobodan Milosevic was a Socialist apparachnik, but he did not do anything he was accused of by the West and that’s why the ICTY couldn’t pin so much as a parking ticket on him after 4 years of trials and millions of dollars wasted in the attempt. And let us not forget that Marshall Tito was foisted on Yugoslavia by the West and it was his legacy that was handed down in Milosevic.

    Of course Serbs were not angels — who IS in an angel in war and survives? War was forced on Serbia in the 1990s and was not something Serbia wanted. But they were certainly made to look like the devil! You draw them into war and then you get upset if they don’t fight with white gloves on! What is America’s reputation in its numerous wars, eh?

    Throughout history, Serbs were the stalwarts against Muslim takeover of the Balkans. Now the West has achieved what Hitler tried to accomplish, and Serbia is ominously surrounded by Serb-hating Muslims. Where once Serbs lived peacefully with Albanian Muslims in Kosovo, the same Albanians turned everything on its head with decades-long systematic aggitating to take over the land on which they had been welcomed by the indigenous Serbs and where they had been given special privilege on top of special privilege and it was never enough for them — nothing less than domination would do. And domination is what they have been handed on a silver platter.

    Before you speak on the Balkans again, kindly remember that, of all the republics of the former Yugoslavia, it is only Serbia that is still multi-ethnic, with more than 30 nationalities living in peace and equality (including non-se0aratist Albanian Muslims ) and that the other republics — all the so-called “good” ones — are either completely, or just mostly, ethnically cleansed.

    Even you who would “defend” Serbs (to be “fair”) don’t have it even close to right. The propaganda job has been superb and even Serbia’s “friends” seem to have to come up with qualifiers at every turn. The rare independent thinkers who actually have researched and studied the FACTS are few and far between – if you want to read them I suggest you start with Andy Wilcoxson and Julia Gorin, two Americans who have no connection to Serbia except that they have sought the truth and found it.

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