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It Happens Without Fail

Without fail, when the seasons change and the briskness of Winter melts into the smirky exhuberence of Spring, I get sick.

This has been a welcome tradition long these 35 years that I can time almost to the second the release of my first Sprin cold and the consequent blustering of my nasal passages.

God Bless Sarah, as she patiently waits on me, attending to my every returned-to-wimpering-child state of illness.

Today she cooked from scratch a marvelous chicken soup especially for the sick, as well as picking up the compulsory brandy to destroy the attacking evil virus.

Nothing is better for one’s wellness than a hot bowl of homemade chicken soup, and nothing is better for you reality than a glass of brandy. And that rings true even if one is not under the weather.

This illness has caused another major collatoral catastrophe: my very first cancellation of a trip.

I had been scheduled to speak at the eminent Campbellsville University, at the invitation of my dear friend and political mastermind John Chowning.

With my absence Campbellsville may well be better off, but I am sad and disappointed to have missed the visit. It is always a great experience and intellectual joy to visit Campbellsville.

As always, there is a silver lining to this Spring-induced malady: Spring!

Because with the expectant Spring flu comes the sun and warmth and joy of a new season of light, released from our darkness and jettisoned into a new life, a new year, a new season, a new day.

I look forward to this bug each year, to be frank, because I look forward to the days and joys that come after.

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