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Giving in to the Overwhelming Desire to Yap…

It’s been far too long since posted anything on this blog. That is not, however, due to a lack of things to discuss. As anyone who knows me must admit, I am never short on opinions or the desire to share them.

But I find that the reality of running a company and continuing with THE INSTITUTE on Religion and Public Policy in my chairman functions seriously cut into the time I would like to spend yammering on about the ridiculousness of the world around us.

I like to use that as an excuse. “I don’t have time to write on the blog.” However, I do have enough time in the day to plant crops on Farmville and ramp up my made men in Mafia Wars

Well, I have decided today that whether or not you like it, dear reader, I intend to stop hiding behind the “veil of Facebook” and to write every day.

There are not very many of you who read this blog anyway, so I’m sure my absence wasn’t a crushing blow to your hearts, but I do hope that my absence made your hearts grow fonder.

Since my stepping down as President of THE INSTITUTE, I must admit that I have felt a greater freedom to be able to express my own opinions. On the other hand, now running a consulting company, I have to watch to make sure that my opinions do not either go counter to those of my clients or cause any them any headaches.

Right, like anything I say could annoy or disturb or bother or upset or incense anyone…

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  1. Theresa
    April 29, 2010 at 8:37 pm

    Very interesting blog, I found you to be very humble and funny on Facebook recently. I mentioned to a common friend that for someone holding such a prestigious title, you do very well in conveying a regular person persona. You should run for office! I strive to make sure I keep people in my life who are different from myself in every way. I’m proud to say they are the ones who are my closest confidants for many years. You are very lucky to have been a champion to those of many different cultures. That’s real talent and charisma to be able to lobby and influence the very different opposite ends in that arena. Most people will decide if they trust you based on who you are and whom you have been working with. Let us get some more comments in here, my post is echoing. In addition, I’m too aloof to play with Farmville. But I do like the nonsensical drama that goes on in there. I could wonder around that stuff for hours. lol

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