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Black Clothing, Beware of Ban in France…

So if the French can’t even get protecting art right, how are we supposed to believe their “protecting women’s rights and religious freedom” with the veil ban is right?

Apparently a single person broke into the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, cutting a padlock on the gate and smashing a window to get inside, and set about stealing “a stunningly valuable haul of artworks worth hundreds of millions of euros,” as The Guardian put it.

Again, The Guardian:

Five paintings, including Pablo Picasso‘s Le Pigeon aux Petits-Pois (left) and La Pastorale (right) by Henri Matisse, were taken from the galley’s permanent collection, located in one of the richest parts of the capital, just south of the Champs-Elysées.

Those two works alone are estimated as being worth 23m euros (£20m) and 15m euros (£13m) respectively, and, while the museum itself has suggested that the stolen paintings are worth about 100m euros (£86m), the Paris prosecutor’s office has said the total value could be five times as much.

Art, like food, is central to the very identity of the French. Much as the veil represents a threat to that identity.

Next thing you know, France will ban black clothing altogether so as to stop any potential dead-of-night thefts that could be committed while wearing them…

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