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Between You and Me…

I have always been a tremendous fan of Wonder Woman. Even as a child, I had a light switch cover of her in my bedroom.

While I have always had a preference for DC Comics over Marvel – DC characters were always an odd combination of the possible and the mythical – there was always something especially outstanding about Wonder Woman.

Now don’t get me wrong, Batman is, was, and always will remain the comic character on which I base my model of manhood and pursuit of justice. As we all know, a little vigilante justice in a cowl never really hurt anybody…

But Wonder Woman always stood out as a particularly unique character in comics. From her back-story to her philosophy of justice, Wonder Woman has always been a singular role model for girls. Despite the magic lasso and invisible plane, the intellectual, philosophical, and existential underpinnings of the character were built on women’s rights, women’s development, and the foundation role that women play in society and culture.

The only problem was that the philosophy was often lost or ignored behind the outfit.

The seemingly Hustler-inspired metal-breasted corset and knee-high boots (I’ll refrain from using the other term for them) never really broadcast women’s rights role model as much as it beamed objectification and cartoon sex symbol.

Until now.

I know there are a lot of fans who aren’t exactly crazed by the fundamental shift that has occurred in Wonder Woman’s new outfit, but as she ages gracefully as a character and grows into her own as that role model I mentioned earlier, I think the new look says powerful, substantive, engaging, and sexy without saying easy…

Kudos to DC Comics Co-Publisher and artist Jim Lee for giving Wonder Woman a new look that matches her ongoing place in society.

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