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In with the New Old

Several years ago I had what I thought was the brilliant idea of launching a BlogTalkRadio show. The show ran weekly until I got crazy busy and couldn’t manage to produce and host it anymore

The show essentially died in 2009.

Well, I’ve decided that it was in fact a brilliant idea to have the show, and I am relaunching The Grieboski Report live today at 3pm EST.

Today’s show will focus on something I know little about and have no opinions on whatsoever: Religious Freedom and the Obama Administration… [insert smirk here]

My guests today will be Anthony Clark Arend, Dean of the Master’s Program in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University; Dr. Tom Farr, Visiting Associate Professor of Religion and World Affairs in the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and the founding Director of the Office of International Religious Freedom at the US Department of State; Shai Franklin, United Nations Fellow at THE INSTITUTE on Religion and Public Policy; Steve Moffett, a principal in Capstone Nations Partner’s Washington, DC office and one of the authors of the 1998 International Religious Freedom Act.

I’m excited about launching the show again. The show will be much broader than it had been in the past, with new areas to cover, new guests and experts, and once in a while guests hosts who will take their episodes in their own directions.

You can hear us live at 3pm EST here.

If you’d like to join the conversation, you can email us at TheGrieboskiReport@gmail.com, or send us messages over Twitter and Facebook.

If you do have a chance to listen, I’d love to have your feedback!

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