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Ron Paul Ad Attacking International Adoptions Reprehensible, Unacceptable, Un-American

Yesterday, supporters of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul released a reprehensible ad attacking fellow presidential candidate Jon Huntsman for adopting children from India and China.

Parents who choose to adopt provide their children with opportunities they would not otherwise have had. I know: both my wife and I are adopted. Our birthmothers made the selfless decision to give us up for adoption in order to provide us with better lives.

My wife and I each benefited from the adoption system – and we were exceedingly lucky to be born in this country. Without the American adoption system, it is very possible our birthmothers would have been forced to make a different choice – and we would not have been born.

Thankfully in America, adoption is a healthy, viable option for women who are unable to keep their children. In our nation, women who have unplanned pregnancies know that there are agencies that will help them every step of the way. Gracie and Asha Huntsman’s birthmothers did not have this luxury; Gracie was abandoned at a market at two months of age, while Asha was left to die on a roadside in India the day she was born. It was the Huntsmans who gave these beautiful girls a second chance at life.

By condemning adoption, the values that Paul supporters have called into question are not just Jon Huntman’s values, they are America’s values: helping the poor and needy, standing for social justice, and providing children with a home filled with security, opportunities and love.

In attacking Governor Huntsman and his wife for adopting children from China and India, Ron Paul’s supporters have ridiculed the international adoption system, called into question the patriotism of any family that has adopted children from abroad, and politicized one of the most intimate and selfless decisions a family can make.

It is our sincere hope that at this evening’s debate in New Hampshire Congressman Paul will disavow the ad and apologize to Governor Huntsman, his wife, and adoptees and their families everywhere for such an insensitive, myopic message promoted by his supporters.

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